Lens Dynamics, Inc. (LDI) is the largest manufacturer of keratoconus lenses in North America through its work with the Dyna Family of Lenses. Most of LDIs lenses are for highly irregular corneas and we have listened to our practitioners asking for larger diameter lenses for some patients.  This led to the development of the Dyna Intra-Limbal (DIL) lens and subsequent FDA approval in March 2002.

  The standard DIL diameter is 11.2 mm, but is available from 10.4 to 12.0 mm, depending on the condition being treated.  The lens is to be fit within the limbus as opposed to some designs that extend onto the sclera.  The DIL design achieves the comfort and irregular corneal masking characteristics of scleral designs without the many difficulties encountered with those designs.   

  Since the DIL design is custom made, most parameters are available: any power, toric designs, any base curve, reverse geometry secondary curves, different optical zone sizes and a proprietary peripheral curve system that starts with a standard edge lift but has flatter or steeper edge lifts available.  Lab time is one day for spheres.  

  Corneal conditions that the DIL successfully fits include: pellucid marginal degeneration, inferior globus keratoconus, post graft, tilted grafts, post-refractive surgery and sports vision.  LDI recommends the Dyna Cone Plus+ series for keratoconus patients.  

  The DIL lens is made in the Menicon Z material for good stability, wettability and reasonable lens life.  Menicare GP solutions are recommended.


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